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Members are hospitals, physicians, scientists, universities, research institutions, medical technology, pharmaceutical, IT- and service companies, consultants, medical bodies and societies, mandatory health insurance organisations, and other institutions and individuals. DGTelemed is a forum of communication, discussion and lobbying for telemedicine in Germany and Europe. Orientation towards the patient and optimisation of the cooperation among service providers, healthcare providers and medical technology companies, bodies and associations are the basis of our activities.

DGTelemed is admitting as members:

  • natural and legal persons
  • hospitals, clinics and other healthcare institutions
  • universities
  • research institutions
  • companies
  • medical bodies and associations
  • societies and associations from IT and telematics
  • institutions and individuals from politics, science, healthcare and business
Application form
Here you can join DGTelemed.
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Annual Fee Schedule
Individual Memberships 150 €
Corporate Memberships up to 250 employees 1.000 €
Corporate Memberships over 250 employees 2.000 €
Scientific organisations 500 €
Public bodies and associations 500 €
Students (1st - 2nd year)1 60 €
Students (3rd - 4th year)2 90 €

1 The application of admission must enclose your certificate of matriculation.
2 After the end of the 4th academic year the member must pay the regular charge if the certificate about continuing the study was not presented.

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Further details - as rights and duties - are laid down in the by-laws.
If you have any further questions, please use our contact form. We will contact you immediately.