DGTelemed Scientific Committee

The German Society for Telemedicine is supported by a Scientific Committee.

Chairs Scientific Committee

Prof. Dr. Britta Böckmann
Prof. Dr. Britta Böckmann
Dean of Faculty of Medical Informatik
FH Dortmund, University of Applied Sciences and Arts

Prof. Dr. Hans W. Höpp
Prof. Dr. Hans W. Höpp
Deputy Director of Internal Medicine III
Klinikum der Universität zu Köln

Mission of the Scientific Committee

Participation in the jury during the annual award of the Telemedicine Prize performed by the German Society for Telemedicine

Assistance and support in the preparation of the program design for the annual conference

Development of links to the international societies for telemedicine and relevant associations

Procurement and inclusion of contacts from industry, health care and cost units

Advising the management board on content and strategic alignment of the society