Tele-Stroke-Units are certified

There are currently 276* certified special stroke wards named stroke units in the German hospitals. Actually it is still difficult to reach the next stroke unit in the rural regions. The networking of the regional and supra-regional stroke units can remedy the situation. It would improve the care for stroke patients in the rural regions as well as the chances for complete recovery after stroke. To ensure a high quality of the telemedicine networked hospitals, the German Stroke Association (de. DSG) and the German Stroke Foundation certify so named Tele-Stroke-Units since January 2011. “The certification of the Tele-Stroke-Units allows hospitals without neurological ward to establish the stroke care at a high level”, says Prof. Dr. med. Otto Busse, secretary general of the DSG. However is still the aim of the DSG to establish a nationwide network of neurologically-managed stroke-units. “The certification of the Tele-Stroke-Units brings the implementation of the nationwide high-quality care for stroke patients into the sight”, explains Dr. Brigitte Mohn, chairwoman of the German Stroke Foundation. “Our aim is to build on the success of the previous quality label by certification of the Tele-Stroke-Units”. The German Stroke Association and the German Stroke Foundation have certified up to now 276* Stroke Units in Germany. The use of the modern IT and the new certification processes should fill the existing gaps in supplies.
E-HEALTH-COM News, 01.03.11
* State: August 2015

Grafik DGTelemed, Stand Januar 2012